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Our Services

  • Business Process Management
  • Management Systems Compliance and Certification Services
  • Risk Management Consultation
  • Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

Technology Solutions

  • EYRIS - Unified Digital Communications & Messaging
  • GAIA - Integrated Business Platform
  • GAIA - Project Management
  • Risk Management Expert Systems
  • Root Cause Expert Systems


Business Process Management

Protexol is a process centric company which understands that the operational success within any enterprise is determined or bounded by the effectiveness and efficiency of its core processes and their user/operators.

Our methods apply process definition, documentation and analysis techniques as we lead your management team to higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency. This leads to increased profits and customer satisfaction.

Management Systems Compliance and Certification Services

We provide services for implementation and certification support for international (ISO) and related industry specific standards including:

International Standards
  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental
  • OHAS 18001/ISO 45001 – Safety
  • ISO 31000 - Risk Guidelines
Industry Specific Standards
  • IATF/16949 - Automotive
  • TL 9000 – Telecommunications
  • AS 9100 – Aerospace

Our client advocates help you prepare for the certification audit, attend as observers & advice and assist with any responses required by the certification body

Risk Management

Protexol consultants lead client teams through the process of identifying their risk tolerances in various risk categories such as financial, operational, environmental, safety, and reputational risk. We evaluate current processes for how well the client is operating within their identified risk tolerance parameters.

Our consulting products draw from best practices across a wide range of industries such as automotive, energy, manufacturing, and ISO compliant paradigms.

Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

Protexol provides premiere, proprietary software solutions for causal factor and root cause expert analsyis.

Our expert system identifies causal factors for real or potential losses (financial, operational, environmental, safety, and reputational). This information can be used as the basis for sustainable corrective actions.

Technology Solutions

EYRIS Unified Digital Communications & Messaging

Fail-safe, secure, business communications.

EYRIS ensures timely message delivery. Messages may be part of routine business workflows, integrated incident mitigation plans, or one-to-one office communications.

Act on problems before they become a crisis.

GAIA - Integrated Business Platform

  • Secure collaboration & Productivity
  • Business process visualization
  • Full featured project management
  • Extranet tools
  • Real-time risk dash-boards

Expert Systems

Machine learning and industry heuristics help your organization proactively identify risk and quickly determine root-cause.