It Delivers, People Act

GAIA Integrated Business Platform

Collaborate Securely

  • GAIA enables your file-shares, wiki's, and FAQ systems on your own private cloud or our managed servers
  • Project and workgroup based organization makes on-boarding quick and implementation of access controls easy

Protexol's integrated productivity suite integrates collaboration, office-productivity, and management into a seamless experience

Plan & Execute

Manage large or small projects using the right tools for your risk appetite.

  • Small projects are easily supported using simple Agile/Kanban interfaces.
  • Standards compliant deliveries with complicated interdependencies are easily managed through our Gantt style interfaces with real-time roll-ups and more.

Manage Risk

  • Define processes which ensure consistency, quality and safety.
  • Mitigate events in real-time using EYRIS Unified Communications
  • Integrate business plans & enable real-time notification when project risks impact schedule, cost, quality, safety, & reputation
  • Enhance your audit capabilities with risk dashboards and automated check-ups.

Communications & Security

  • Secure encrypted communications keep stakeholders, partners and customers linked in real-time.
  • Minimize your investment by re-using documents & collateral across customers. There is never any need to "copy" materials to shared locations.
  • Define project, role, and permissions as needed to ensure that only the right people have the right information at the right time.