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Business Process Management


Every commercial, government or nonprofit organization’s success depends on a series of fundamental business processes, formally (purposely designed) or informal (derived via “tribal knowledge”). These processes and procedures should be recognized as assets that can create value by providing improved efficiencies, effectiveness. and major financial advantages when recognized and managed.

Continuous Operational Process Synergy (COPS)

When the management team jointly develops an integrated set of top-level major processes for managing the enterprise, process synergy is recognized such that the benefits of the whole is greater than the sum of the component (individual process) parts.

Our Client Advocate Process Experts continue to facilitate the decomposition of these major processes to their lowest level where they can be institutionalized as operating procedures assuring performance of the top-level process.

ProtexolClient Advocates deploy our unique methodologies to lead your management team in maximizing performance as they transition to a professional process management environment. The bottom line

“Your business processes are perfectly designed for the results you are getting!”

Situational Process Response (SPR)

No matter how much you plan, unanticipated incidents WILL happen. So, if you have one or more unreliable, troublesome or high risk processes, SPR methodology will ensure that your teams focus on these processes to analyze and mitigate incidents by proactively planning for crisis.

Protexol Engagement

If you are interested in engaging with Protexol, we will send our advance Client Advocate team to discuss your needs and survey your current process status. We develop a Statement of Work (SOW) that defines the scope of our engagement based on your actual current state. The SOW describes those tasks designed to move your organization from your current state to a fully effective Business Process Management environment.

Once your processes are defined, we will assist you in identifying problem or weak processes for improvement and prioritizing them based on their Salience (Importance) and Worth (ability to add economic value to your firm). This results in selecting and improving those processes that actually create added economic value for the company.

Protexol engagements see improvements in:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Product/Service Cycle Time
  • Cost Performance
  • Profit
  • Process Economic Value
  • Process efficiency/effectiveness
  • Process Management/Control
  • Product/Services Quality

It Delivers, People Act!


Protexol solutions help your teams communicate, manage compliance, and mitigate risk.

Compliance & Risk Management

We provide integrated database solutions for managing process development, trainiing, certifications, and corrective actions.

EYRIS Unified Digital Communications & Messaging

EYRIS ensures timely message delivery. Messages may be part of routine business workflows, integrated incident mitigation plans, or perform one-to-one office communications.

Advanced Project Management

Cusotmizable project management solutions which provide top-to-bottom project views and reports.

Protexol provides the ability to use predfiend project templates for your teams or create your own covering task & resource manamgent, documentation, process workflows, quality, financial monitoring and risk management.